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Welcome To The Insanity I Call My Life [entries|friends|calendar]
The Life and Times of Hot N' Ready

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[19 Dec 2006|10:17pm]
Wow... college is finally over and I don't have an official co-op placement. It's pretty much in the bag but still... Nothing in life is guaranteed.

I look back on the past few years and all I truly have to say is 'wow'. I've done a shit load of things most haven't... Like spending the summer in Jasper. It may have been isolated but god damn was that ever a fucking riot. Although it has been a blast, it has had its hardships too... like everything in life. It's unavoidable.

Even going before college, god damn was I ever a prick... some part of my mind justified it at the time but jeeeeeeeez... Whatever... let the past be past. At least I cleaned up my act. Better late than never. Through it all though, its been fun.

And I'm driving again... Still can't believe that one. No doubt about it, it's been a pretty kick ass time these past few years. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
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[01 Nov 2006|07:17am]
So yeah...

Last night, the two guys who lived above me last year, stopped by. The first thing they remarked was the fact I wasn't drunk... This has a point. Then, my roommate decides to have people over... she once said "I'd never have people over on a school night" but whatever... Put it this way, I tried sleeping at 9:30pm as I was fucking exhausted and they managed to not let me sleep until 4am and I get up at 6:30 am... so I'm fucking tired, kind of pissed and I have 2 presentations today...

In other news, Final Fantasy 12 isn't that bad of a game. Compare it to 7 and it's shit but 8-11 and it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. On top of which, when I picked it up from EB yesterday, it was on sale... $11 off the regular price and I have the collectors edition... but yes, now I'm off to class and I'm bound to fall asleep at some point in it.
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[27 Oct 2006|11:34pm]

Detroit has one of the most minimal payrolls in all of baseball and they made it to the finals... I'm sorry... they fucking deserve it...
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[21 Oct 2006|04:37pm]
It truly is remarkable where you can find inspiration...

EDIT: Wow... that took me back... It's crazy... crazy I say...
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[16 Oct 2006|07:26pm]
As some know, I recently bought a Sega DreamCast. Since everyone told me it's a piece of cake to burn games for it, my question is, is it really that fucking simple? Right now, I could care less if I can save or not... seriously... I don't have a memory thingy for it so it does me no good. All I can say is, if this works, I'll be the happiest person alive... despite the fact I still have 6 mid-terms to write this week...
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What the fuck happened last night? [14 Oct 2006|02:28pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

I really don't know... I'm pretty sure most wouldn't believe me even if I told the story... hell, I barely believe it. On top of everything, I'm still drunk... I'm just that awesome.

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[10 Oct 2006|07:41pm]
Who's excited for Final Fantasy 12? I know I am... and the collectors edition cost... a lot... it better be worth the cash or I'll be extremely pissed off.
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[30 Sep 2006|11:21pm]
I have named my new car...


It shall be sweet...
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I GOT ANOTHER CAR!! [28 Sep 2006|09:10pm]
It's official... I'm inheriting my dad's 2002 Malibu. All I know is, its a car and I have a history with it. I stalled it the first time I drove the fucking thing without my dad in it... Haha... I stalled an automatic... that takes skill... I'm awesome!
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[12 Sep 2006|07:06am]
This can't be healthy...

For the past 2 weeks I've been in Ontario, I've been exhausted. I doesn't matter how long I sleep. It's fucked up because I never used to have this problem period.
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I really miss Jasper [04 Sep 2006|10:07am]
[ mood | Meh ]

It's quite obvious that I haven't been myself for the past few days... mainly because I miss all the friends I made in Jasper and I miss my mountains... Life kind of sucks for the time being. Whatever though right? That's life I suppose. God damn though... for the amount that I complained about work and being bored, you'd think I'd be happy to leave. It's just a weird situation right now...

Not only that... I'm now living with 5 girls and 1 other guy... As far as I can tell, I'm officially in the drama house... This'll be interesting to say the least. And I'm also sure the girls weren't too impressed with me puking in the bathroom sink the other day... 5 feet to the left and I would have been in the bathroom... Whatever. Shit happens... that's life I suppose.

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[31 Aug 2006|12:41am]
Hippy hippy choo choo tra lalala
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I FUCKING DID IT!!! [23 Aug 2006|12:48pm]

Hardest thing I have ever done in my life bar non... so rewarding though. I'm dead tired right now and I don't care. It was fucking unbelievable. Seeing the back of Pyramid mountain made my life... so gorgeous. There's even a mystery lake on the backside of Pyramid. Let me say that was the greatest tasting water EVER! So cold and fresh... yummy. I FUCKING DID IT!! I'm still in disbelief. It was such a surreal experience. You get to the base of the mountain and you are surround by the backs of 6 different mountain ranges... I was blown away. From that point it's a 2K hike straight up to get to the top. This was pretty much the first time in my life where I can honestly say I've done something with my life. I know for a fact that not too many people have ever seen what I just saw. The fire road to the base is 17 K up hill and trust me, that's enough to discourage most people from even attempting it. On top of which, we lugged mountain bikes with us which was so unbelievably fun coming down. Took us literally 20 minutes... at some points we were EASILY going 40 kilometres per hour... brakes practically did nothing. Sooooo much fun I can't even tell you.

Peace out,
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[11 Aug 2006|03:21pm]
lets see...

my plan to go up Pyramid mountain about a week ago was foiled by rain. Then, my manager was being a douche bag and switched my schedule on me so now I no longer have 2 on 2 off. It's now 3 on 1 off for the most part until I'm home in about a week and a half. To top it all off, one of my supervisors keeps going all power trippy on me so that week and a half will be fucking murder. On the plus side, Stew who works in maintenance, offered to have a Monty Python night. Pretty much the entire plan is us watching all the Monty Python we can stand plus drinking the Holy Ail we can stand. It's bound to be a hilarious time. Off hand, I'd say that's probably the past week for me in a nut shell. Other than the fact Jasper got a snow storm on the 4th. That was a great day of work... so awesome. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was...

Peace out
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[02 Aug 2006|01:05pm]
It better not fucking rain tomorrow... I'm in my mind set of "I'm going to fucking do it". I'm hiking up Pyramid Mountain tomorrow assuming it doesn't Thunder Storm tomorrow... it's peak is at 9075 feet... it'll be rough but I'm going to fucking do it god damn it.
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[21 Jul 2006|06:41pm]
The past couple days off for me kicked ass...

4 days ago I hiked valley of the five lakes. I left my place at 9 am and made it into town 5 hours and 15 minutes later. That's over 21 kilometres. The scary thing is, I wasn't out of breath after I did that.

Today also fucking rocked. I hiked Whistlers Mountain again. As I was hiking up I met up with four people. 2 from Orleans and 2 from Montreal. The two brothers from Montreal were fucking hilarious. They wouldn't stop singing the most random tunes ever. They'd sing something in french and then sing some Quiet Riot. I love those guys. And the two from Orleans are working for Jasper Park Lodge which is cool. Really nice people. It may have been a really hot day and my neck burned to rat shit but whatever. Memories last forever.
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[06 Jul 2006|07:38pm]
My bath tub idea worked surprisingly well oddly enough seeing how it was one of my ideas after all... I really don't want to go back to my apartment... I've grown to hate it with a passion.
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[06 Jul 2006|12:42pm]
Jesus Fucking Christ is it ever hot here... no rain in three weeks plus this extreme heat is quite unbearable. I even bought a fan a few days ago and what happens? The fucking thing broke. So now I suffer in my unbelievably hot apartment with zero circulations. I figure the best I could probably do is fill the tub with ice or something and hope that cools the place down slightly. All I can say is, thank god I banished my roommate to his girl friends place. I personally find it amusing when he wonders why the apartment was so fucking hot. I told him how to keep it slightly cooler but he just wouldn't listen. Okay... For starters, DON'T LEAVE ALL THE FUCKING LIGHTS ON ALL THE TIME. The lights in my place emit a ton of heat. Secondly, GO TO YOUR GIRLFRIENDS PLACE TO COOK! Not like she ever spent much time in there anyway. Lastly, TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING TV AND DVD PLAYER WHEN YOU AREN'T USING THEM! It's pretty self explanatory but to a retard like that guy, you'd think it was rocket science.

Ok... I'm ranted out. Now to kill another 40 minutes until I can get into the line that will allow me to chill at the top of a mountain.
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[28 Jun 2006|05:06pm]
Totally kicked Whistler's ass in under 3 hours... I ROCK!
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[27 Jun 2006|05:30pm]
Totally lost my red sox hat two days ago...kind of pissed off about it... whatever I guess. Could ber worse. My roommate FINALLY moved MOST of his shit to his girlfriends place but I'm pissed off because he STILL takes my DVD's. Not only that, he left a DVD player and the TV but took the AV cables so they are both useless to me... what a dick. I know his father died but you don't need AV cables unless you take the TV...

Still getting over the fact I was almost charged by an Elk... scary shit. Sometimes I truly do feel like I'm the luckiest person alive...

I'm also pissed off because I FINALLY get a wireless card and every time I stick it in my lap top, it freezes... GAY!

On the agenda tomorrow: Hike up Whistler's Mountain... it'll take me a while but I can do it...
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